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A licensed Aesthetician and member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals®, Heather Talbot has a passion for life, health, and well-being. In her practice, she has established a truly unique experience by combining peace and tranquility with the ability to make a difference in people's skin. Heather has accomplished accredited degrees in aesthetics, Endermologie and truSculpid, Dermaplaning, Microneddeling, microdermabrasion, peels, stone therapies, and waxing.


She continues her education on a daily basis to include nutrition, hormones, skin disorders, pigmentation, laser and filler knowledge, skin care, and home regimen plans. Heather prides herself on being compassionate. We ensure the clients are always treated with the care and respect they deserve. These are the basic principles that Rejuvenation Skin and Body Solutions was founded on and is still experienced by every client, every day for over 15 years. Our goal, at Rejuvenation Skin and Body Solutions, is to ensure you are provided with the best skin care and body solutions.

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